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Core Strength SuperPowers Yoga Classes

Eimear Lindsay Yoga Instructor

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This is a revolutionary practice!

All classes start and finish with meditation and include intention-setting and Pranayama (practice bringing the energy of the breath about the body.)

What you will get from these classes:

  • Tools to burn excess energy/calories in a Yogic way. Learn to incorporate these techniques in all your classes.
  • Ways to build strength not just stretch!
  • Learn to protect your body, joints, shoulder girdle and back for the long-term.
  • Discover a safer yet more powerful practice.
  • Experience how you can go deeper by repetition and backing off rather than straining.
  • How you can harness your power emotionally and physically!
  • Heal, activate & strengthen muscles of the pelvic diaphragm (above the pelvic floor).  Hugely beneficial for men and women. These muscles are part of our deep core muscle line.


  • You will learn to love yourself as you are, every emotion, every thought, every part of your body you feel is “failing” you. Ironically it is then you will transform.
  • Physical awareness, and then emotional awareness.
  • Finding your inner divinity
  • gratitude, appreciation, grace, self-ownership, self-empowerment.

Who is this for? This is for you if you are interested in…

  • revolutionizing your practice!
  • reaping “work-out” benefits from Yoga with all the joy of an amazing practice
  • building your self-esteem and confidence, energetically and physically.
  • learning anatomically intelligent ways to move.
  • supporting every muscle, bone and joint during a full-on Yoga practice.
  • building real strength rather than “throwing” yourself into poses or relying on your flexibility.

Core Strength: Who, when, what, where, why?

Core Strength Vinyasa (created by Sadie Nardini) includes a “core Yoga breath” -which is muscularly the equivalent of doing a sit-up every breath. Besides the obvious benefits of a toned abdomen the benefits of spinal support is practice-changing!

The CSV technique engages the deeper core muscles (rather than superficial external muscles) in every single pose and transition! The body is absolutely supported in a stress and strain free way. The joints are better protected, the shoulders & back are given space and protection.

This is a revolutionary practice. You will be able to go further in a loving kind way for your body. It also builds heat in body and you will feel your face glow!

A beautiful surprise with this practice is that it powerful energizes the 1,2nd and third Chakras. (without any further effort or “special sequencing”)

I adore this practice. It makes so much sense anatomically! The 20 hour teacher training was fantastic for my evolution as a teacher and I have tapped into a wealth of knowledge. I really looking forward to sharing some of these techniques with you in upcoming classes and workshops. Watch this space!

Alight Workshops

Alight also runs specific or themed Yoga & Reiki workshops. These often are for health and well-being. Sometimes they combine the benefits of Reiki with Yoga. The Chakra system is also used in workshops to approach issues from various perspectives.

Healing Private Yoga One-to-Ones for health/injury management/emotional stress.

These are designed specifically to meet the students requirements. They can range from meditative practices, or mostly supported restorative poses alternatively students may attend to further their practice in a mainly asana (physical poses) based one-to-one.

More on Yoga one-to-ones for health.