Private Yoga Lessons Adelaide:

Including Yoga 1-2-1s

100% Customized sequences for your unique body & being (prepared in advance & modified on arrival). Let us know exactly what you are looking for. The choice is yours!

Private Yoga lessons may include but not limited to: Gentle Yoga, Beginners Yoga, Seniors Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yoga for Physical, Mental & Emotional Recovery, and/or Yoga for practicing more physically advanced poses

  • Yoga to suit your unique physical body and life.
  • Learn modification & adjustments while recovering & strengthening specific areas of the body
  • Fine-tune your practice.
  • Restore balance in your life.

We have more than 3 options/types of Private Yoga Lessons. The following are the general type of Private Yoga lessons.

Private Yoga lessons, some Options:

1. General Private Yoga lessons :

  • Enjoy a practice tailored for you.
  • Be adjusted (optional) & experience the truth of poses for your unique body
  • Find the truth of each pose.
  • Get more than you imagined possible from each pose.
  • Discover new poses.
  • Practice inversions and back-bends.
  • Take your practice to the next level.

Suitable for everyone wishing to seriously develop their practice, including retirees, Beginner Yogis and Yoga teachers in training!

2. Yoga for Healing & Wellness


  • For physical & emotional challenges.
  • Injury management
  • Pain prevention
  • A practice to suit you. This need not be overly physical.

3. Private Yoga classes for Groups including Corporate Yoga:

A class designed for its participants at a time that suits and in a manner and style that suits the participants. Usually classes are booked in blocks of 6.

Options include:Yoga for Stress & Anxiety Relief, Yoga for Backs, Pregnancy Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Chair Yoga etc

Private yoga lessons: applications

Private Yoga lessons are designed to suit your needs.

  • Take a quantum leap in your practice.
  • Practice more challenging poses.
  • Find the next steps on your Yoga journey.
  • Issues with vertebra and disks.  Old fractures & crush fractures.
  • Curvature of the upper back.  It is a good idea to learn forward bend variations without rounding the upper back further.
  • Car crashes where there have been injuries and impaired movement.  The biggest factor in a serious crash is the “jolt” factor. Things may have “shifted” and we need to discover where things “are at”. Poses may need to be modified or avoided completely for a while.
  • Injuries that can be addressed specifically. Examples may be S.I joint problems, repetitive strain injuries, wrist pain, hip problems, areas of the body which have been operated on in the past.
  • Extreme challenges with fitness or mobility.
  • Stress related or emotionally related illnesses. We can develop a more productive calming practice with private Yoga lessons. This includes approaching the practice in relation to the energy centres of the body. (Chakras)

Benefits of Private Yoga lessons.

  • Everyone benefits from private Yoga lessons because they are tailored for the individual. We simply get more specific.
  • Perfect for those with health conditions such as M.S or Adrenaline Fatigue.
  • For those who feel they are “too old”.
  • If you are getting back into your practice after a long time
  • If you would like to take your practice up a notch.

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