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YWE Yoga Adelaide Eastern Suburbs.

Inspiring Yoga Adelaide Eastern Suburbs.

Yoga Classes, Private Yoga/Yoga One-to-Ones/Yoga Personal Training, Yoga Therapy, healing Yoga & Yoga for injuries.

YWE Adelaide Yoga classes. Advanced pose

YWE Yoga Adelaide Eastern Suburbs. A personal Yoga experience. Small home-based Yoga Studio (The Yoga Room) and secluded Garden (The Yoga garden) for good weather.

We specialise in small group Yoga classes offering specific guidance in your practice. Eimear also loves working on a one-to-one basis for injury management & Yoga Therapy. We hope to have larger classes on offer soon.

Indoor and outdoor Yoga classes. Eimear is passionate about the great outdoors and the benefits of plentiful fresh air . Practicing Yoga outdoors offers a greater sense of well-being.

  • Inspiring Yoga Classes in Adelaide
  • Yoga classes and Yoga One-to-Ones for all levels.
  • Get more than you thought possible from each and every pose!
  • Physical & holistic benefits. Healing Yoga
  •  Teacher with over 15 years of Yoga experience.

Classes at YWE Yoga Adelaide

Yoga Class levels

Don’t be shy, ask for my advice on levels if unsure!

Beginners Yoga classes.

  • Wednesday 6pm
  • Suitable for complete Beginners & Beginners

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Improvers Yoga classes.

Most of my Improvers have completed at least 3 of my Beginners courses. An Improver is someone with about 6 months – 1/2 years and beyond of regular practice.

Improvers may enjoy the following classes:

(Wednesdays is the most suitable for Improvers. I offer easier options for Improvers in the other classes)

  • Wednesdays 7:30pm (Improvers)
  • Tuesdays 11am (mixed level)
  • Friday 6:30am (mixed level)
  • Saturday 8am (Improvers & Beyond)

Intermediate Yoga classes.

An Intermediate Yogi may be practicing for 3-10 years regularly. An Intermediate student knows how to respect and protect their bodies while meeting the challenge.

Suitable Intermediate classes:

  • Wed 7:30pm (Improvers, with suitable Intermediate variations)
  • Tues 11am (Mixed Level)
  • Frid 6:30am (Mixed Level)
  • Tues 6pm, Smooth Flow (Intermediate & Beyond)
  • Mon 6pm, Core Flow Yoga (Intermediate & Beyond)

Core Flow is our most challenging class. I would encourage a good strong Yoga practice and understanding of your body for those taking part. It is best practiced in conjunction with another weekly class.

Beyond Intermediate

Those practicing Yoga regularly for more than 10 years or so.

Suitable classes

  • You are welcome to come along to any mixed level/improvers and beyond class and I will offer you a challenge if desired.
  • Our most challenging physical classes are:

Tues 6pm Smooth Flow Yoga(Intermediate & Beyond)

Mon 6pm Core Flow Yoga (Intermediate & Beyond)

Core Flow is our most physically demanding class.


YWE Private Yoga Lessons Adelaide

Yoga Therapy

Private Yoga/One-to-Ones

Corporate Yoga

Private Yoga for groups




What type of Yoga is this?

Most classes are Flow Yoga or Flowing Hatha.

  • We check-in with alignment.
  • With the breath we go deep.
  • Enjoying the experience and the result of stretching.


The Yoga room, Frank Street, St Morris 5068 Adelaide

The Yoga Garden, Frank Street, St Morris 5068 Adelaide.