Obstacles to developing a routine that really works:


Not being in the present moment.

  • The mind deciding what practice we need without checking in.
  • Usually this “decision” is to complete a hardcore session of Asanas/phyical poses alone.
  • Over-ambition. 10 hours of Yoga or nothing kinda thinking!

There is a beautiful saying :

It is never not the present moment.”

The present moment has the steps you need to take.


  • Check in! The way you are feeling this morning is part of your practice. Do not ignore it. If you are feeling anxious, worried, depressed there are your steps; how can your practice reflect this?
  • Start small. Aim for 10 mins, then if you want to do more, fine.
  • Practice what you already know. This is why it is called practice!

Why I am not into Salute to the Sun first thing

Yoga With Eimear Morning Yoga Routine

With reference to A Question of Style, no matter what kind of “style” you generally practice a “just-out-of-bed” session will invariably be gentler and slower. Allow for this.

Shockingly enough, I am not into Salute to the sun first thing! I am talking pre-breakfast here. Nor, when asked do i advise the virtues of S.T.T.S to new Yogis. If your Sun Salute is flawless and you can fine-tune and incorporate a moving meditation -go for it. Often the structures of the lumbo-sacral spine get “left out” however, so honestly what is the point?

A More Mindful Option

Dismantle the anxiety pumping to-do or what-should-I-do lists. Mornings are the best times to fish-out negative thought patterns and swap them for life-affirming habits.

Get into your breath! Awareness of the breath brings mindfulness. Prioritise the breath over the Asanas. Remember the adage: “You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day — unless you’re too busy. Then you should sit for an hour.” Try 3 mins.

Involve your entire being. Incorporating and acknowledge negative “what’s the point” or “I am too tired” feelings. This is the “clay” of your practice.

The How-to:

  1. Seated meditation pose.


If you only practice one thing, do this! Practice on the floor, on a block, against the wall, or from a chair. Just do it!

  • Lengthen up through the spine.
  • Picture the “midline” running through your body; hug everything in.
  • Find the centre of your sit-bones. Push down.

Perfection doesn’t exist!

  • Bring hands into Namaste in front of heart centre.
  • Turn your gaze in begin!
  • Use the techniques I teach. Check in with the physical and spiritual self.
  1. Pranayama/Breathing


  • Lie on your back.
  • Inhale through the nostrils and belly button.
  • Fill the abdomen and lower body with breath first.
  • Exhale slowly. Repeat 5 times.
  1. Come to stand at the wall. Ardha Uttanasana/Half Forward bend

(Keep hands hip height as shown in class)


  1. Uttanasana variation using the wall. 3 mins.

(Bring feet a little further away from the wall then pictured for a gentler stretch. Bend knees if necessary)


  1. Downward Facing Dog. (Adho Mukha Svanasana)

Really do the warm-up variations I teach you. Go softly!

down dog

  1. Cobra or variation.

Be completely honest with yourself here. The aim is to lengthen, stretch and strengthen the spine and core. This is extremely beneficial for the lower back in particular, but only if done correctly.

  • Roll the shoulders up and back keeping elbows tucked and bring towards heels.
  • Top chest should lift off ground.
  • Stay here or lift half way up elbows bent.


  1. Another down dog.
  2. Savasana.


  1. Seated meditation

Set your intention for the day. I’ll leave that to you!

Call me to learn more, organise a Yoga One-to-One and establish a routine. Happy to be of assistance!


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  1. Maire
    April 9, 2015 @ 10:28 am

    Thank Eimear for this blog. Very informative and useful information that I want to put into practice myself. Good to have suggestion of a mini routine which helps with motivating myself in the morning.

    • yogawith_2
      April 14, 2015 @ 3:35 am

      Thanks Maire!
      I have found that the biggest factor is that people are too hard on themselves. When people feel unmotivated that is a brilliant tool to work with rather than beating themselves up! If I don’t feel motivated to do a “hard-core” session in the morning, I sit with that. I look at it. I listen. Once your body and mind knows that you accept all states of being, the reluctance vanishes.
      Meditation is at the centre of a good Yoga practice. Just sitting and “looking” at feelings which you may initially call “unmotivation” you will unblock a treasure trove! Initially start with just “tuning in” in the morning. You don’t need to move a limb to be doing Yoga! Try this meditation for at least a week!

      Thanks for your comments. All the best,

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