About Eimear   Reiki Master. Yoga Teacher. Healer. Certified Reiki Practitioner Adelaide, Eimear Lindsay

Eimear has completed over 650 hrs of Yoga teacher Training. She is a Level 2 certified Hatha, Vinyasa & Yin Yoga Teacher. (650 hr of courses accredited with Yoga Australia) and certified Reiki Master/teacher & practitioner

She has been working as a full-time Yoga Teacher and Reiki practitioner since 2013. Eimear is a dedicated Yoga student with more than 20 years and counting of committed practice.

Eimear’s Yoga journey.

Eimear began teaching Yoga “accidentally”, it was an over-pouring of her own practice, and the desire to share the benefits with others.  She initially began teaching while facilitating drama workshops & as part of warm-ups during theatre rehearsals.

Eimear has more than 20 years of Yoga experience “starting the clock” as a committed Intermediate student (Eimear very first class was long before at age 6! Eimear’s Mum was a practicing Iyenger Yoga teacher when she was growing up)

Yoga is Eimear’s physical wellness & strength practice, her joy,  her medicine, her faith, and rock.

Eimear “accidently” spent five years under senior Iyenger teacher trainer Aisling Guirke in Dublin. Aisling is Ireland’s most senior Yoga teacher.

Eimear explored many styles of Yoga classes, courses, workshops including: Jivamukhti, Hatha, Anusara and Core Yoga. She also “accidently” took a 50 hour Anusara teacher training module on Inversions with U.S senior teacher trainer Betsey Downing.

As part of her continual professional development, Eimear has completed 3 x Sadie Nardini, Core Strength Vinyasa Courses for teachers including: Revolution Yoga Teacher Training, Rock Star Yoga Teacher Training, & Core Strength Yoga anatomy. Also a notable part of Eimear’s teaching is her use of preparatory exercises and training specific muscles. Eimear has taken 3 x Trina Altman Yoga Deconstructed workshops


Eimear practices a combination of still meditation, Pranayama (breathing), and natural breath awareness during (often stationary) poses. She encourages students in this direction.

As part of general classes we “tune into” the physical and emotional body throughout asana practice. We notice “gripping” in the body. We awaken the “seer” and witness self. 

Reiki with Eimear

Eimear is a certified Usui Reiki Ryoho & Sei Chem Master/teacher and have been working as a Reiki practitioner/Reiki healer in Adelaide since 2013.

She is a certified for Reiki Level 1, Level 2, & Master Practioner/Teacher.

Something similar had been a part of Eimear’s life before discovering Reiki. For a long long, she had been inspired to be a conduit for health & well-being.

Eimear has been working as a Reiki Practitioner since 2013 and teaching (as a Reiki Master) since 2016.

Trivia: Sounds like eemer or ee+mer :) rhymes with dreamer!