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Chakra workshop

Illuminate Chakra Workshop

Saturday 26th 10am-1pm

Payments: $50

Expand your awareness. Create a greater vibrancy and a deeper sense of harmony and balance all around.

Suitable for all levels. Variations to suit every body! (including challenge poses for those that enjoy them)

Gentle healing flow Yoga & supported poses with long, relaxed holds.

What you get:

  • Work on the major chakras of the physical, emotional & spiritual body.
  • Specific Yoga poses for all 7 Chakras.
  • Balance energies associated with each Chakra.
  • Visualisation, breath exercises & meditation related to the Chakras
  • A little Reiki Energy healing to support the work being done.


  • A new key to health & well-being.
  • The rejuvenating powers of Reiki Energy Healing
  • Uplift your entire being.
  • Balance the body’s energy centres.

Thank you for booking in!

Bookings: 0435 338 847

Yoga for backs

Yoga for Strong, Healthy Pain-Free Backs

When: 29th October 11:30am-2:30pm

Where: The Yoga Room & Garden, Frank St. St. Morris 5068

Price: $50 for 3 hours!
Including complimentary tea to begin. All props provided, please BYO mat (if you do not have one, you can arrange to borrow one at no extra cost)


  • Learn & practice Core Strength Yoga techniques for physical protection.
  • Work the RIGHT muscles rather than mis-using your back.
  • Easy Asanas (poses) to strengthen your entire back.
  • Modify poses to take the strain off your back.
  • Learn how to protect upper and lower back
  • No-strain poses & practice
  • Improve physical awareness
  • Protect & respect your body as you move.
  • Balance your muscles and the relationship between torso and legs.
  • Move in a way your body loves.
  • Learn to use props
  • Release tension with passive supported stretches.This is a blissful and relaxed experience. You will float home pain-free with a “bag of tools” that you can use to protect your back for the long-term, in daily life and in your Yoga practice.

Yoga for stress & anxiety

Well-being Workshop

For the relief of anxiety, stress & mild depression. Working with Reiki, restorative Yoga poses, the energy of the breath, & meditation. 

What you get.

  • Calming & healing Reiki Energy (from a Reiki Master) from the moment you walk in.
  • Blissful supported Yoga poses. All the health & well-being benefits with none of the effort!
  • Learn to watch your breath.
  • Increasing physical & emotional awareness.
  • Release tension and stress from your body and mind. RELAX
  • Gain a whole new perspective on your thoughts and worries
  • Increase understanding of what has been going on for you.
  • Relax into, easy, supported (with props) mild back-bends to uplift the senses and bring about joy.
  • A gentle stretch for your whole body (without strain and no energy required)
  • Release stress, anxiety and worry.
  • Leave feeling uplifted, energised and calm
  • Learn skills to stop anxiety, worry and mild depression at the source which you can practice at home
  • Find peace and harmony in mind and body. Practice letting go of anger, fear, sadness and worry. Allow yourself to be in the present moment, where all is well.

Feel well, stress-free, rejuvenated, revitalized and uplifted!

Who this workshop is for.

  • Anyone & everyone!
  • No Yoga experience necessary!
  • No energy necessary!
  • Those suffering from energy depletion from stress, worry and anxiety.

An uplifting feel good practice for all!

Core Strength Super-Powers!

27th August 10am-1pm. This is a revolutionary practice!

What you will get from this workshop:

  • Tools to burn excess energy/calories in a Yogic way. Learn to incorporate these techniques in all your classes.
  • Ways to build strength not just stretch!
  • Learn to protect your body, joints, shoulder girdle and back for the long-term.
  • Discover a safer yet more powerful practice.
  • Experience how you can go deeper by repetition and backing off rather than straining.
  • How you can harness your power emotionally and physically!
  • Heal, activate & strengthen muscles of the pelvic diaphragm and pelvic floor.  Hugely beneficial for men and women. These muscles are part of our deep core muscles.

Who is this for? This is for you if you are interested in…

  • revolutionizing your practice!
  • reaping “work-out” benefits from Yoga with all the joy of an amazing practice
  • building your self-esteem and confidence, energetically and physically.
  • learning anatomically intelligent ways to move.
  • supporting every muscle, bone and joint during a full-on Yoga practice.
  • building real strength rather than “throwing” yourself into poses or relying on your flexibility.

Core Strength: Who, when, what, where, why?

Core Strength Vinyasa (created by Sadie Nardini) includes a “core Yoga breath” -which is muscularly the equivalent of doing a sit-up every breath. Besides the obvious benefits of a toned abdomen the benefits of spinal support is practice-changing!

The CSV technique engages the deeper core muscles (rather than superficial external muscles) in every single pose and transition! The body is absolutely supported in a stress and strain free way. The joints are better protected, the shoulders & back are given space and protection.

This is a revolutionary practice. You will be able to go further in a loving kind way for your body. It also builds heat in body and you will feel your face glow!

A beautiful surprise with this practice is that it powerful energizes the 1,2nd and third Chakras. (without any further effort or “special sequencing”)

I adore this practice. It makes so much sense anatomically! The 20 hour teacher training was fantastic for my evolution as a teacher and I have tapped into a wealth of knowledge. I really looking forward to sharing some of these techniques with you in upcoming classes and workshops. Watch this space!

Try the Core Strength Workshop to fully absorb this technique and ingrain it in your practice.

WHERE: A personalised small group practice (6 per workshop) from The Yoga Room, St Morris 5068. (My fully equipped home studio in the heart of St. Morris) Complimentary tea to begin, fully heated room, blankets, belts, blocks and props provided. BYO mat (if you do not have a mat we will provide one for workshop attendees free of charge. Please organise in advance!)

HOW MUCH: $50 for 3 hours with just 6 people! We will get you rocking your practice!
Phone: 0435 338 847 to Book and save your place.



Yoga For Healing Sat 18th June 11am-1pm (all levels)

Boost your immune system & release “problem” areas. An overall tonic for body and mind!

Yoga for Healing workshop Adelaide

  • Relaxed supported poses (using blocks & props)
  • Gain a deeper gentle stretch
  • Easy supported poses to release the lower back, hips & shoulders
  • Learn to “watch the breath” and other practices for deep peace of mind.

down dog with propsupta-baddha-konasana-with-strapwide_leg_forward_fold_with_propssupported-fish_screclining big toe pose


Past workshops

“Hips, Heart & Shoulder Openers” 30th April 2016

Yoga Hip, Heart & Shoulder openers

A powerfully opening workshop for hips, hearts & shoulders. Build strength, flexibility, balance and health in hips & shoulders.
Bring more space into your body & open your heart!

Improvers, Intermediate Yogis & more advanced. 

$50 for 3 hours practical workshop plus advance consultation via phone &/or e-mail and e-mail feedback after workshop. 6 per workshop means more guidance, attention, adjustments and feedback for you.

Where: My home Studio, Frank St. ST Morris 5068 (See the YWE Aboard on Magill Rd)

Improve flexibilty
Build strength (healthy hips mean strong and stable adductors & abductors)
Improve Range of motion.
Improve health.
Promote healing.
Tricks & Tips for imroving flexibilty
Work on and go deeper into familiar poses for the hips.
Avoid pain and learn to protect hips, sacrum and lower back.
Sacral Chakra Work

Shoulder openers
Learn to work your shoulders properly
Injury management & healing.
Prevent pain.
Poses to release your shoulders & shoulder blades
Poses for healthy Rotator cuffs.
Relaxed Yin work for shoulders/tension relief.
Tips, tricks & personal guidance
Go further into poses using “binds”.

The heark Chakra and Sacral (hips) Chakra are good to work on together.
Gentle and more challenging backbends
Relaxed yin poses to lift the heart.
Uplifting & inspirational poses.
Heart Chakra work & poses
Healing & balancing.
Heart Chakra work is great to relieve tension in upper back.

Workshop includes:
Yoga Poses
(Challenging variaitons and easier variations available). You will get a stretch and work on more challenging poses if you wish to! Like-wise I will offer easier options at your level of ability.
Visualisation (incuding Sacral Chakra & heart Chakra work)
Pranayama (Yoga breathing)
Savasana. deep, deep relaxation
Reiki Energy Healing during adjustments (optional)

“Yoga For Inflexible People”16th April 2016

Yoga for inflexible people Workshop

A gentle Yoga workshop for those who feel “too inflexible” to go to class. 3 hours of encouragement & support.


16th April 10am-1pm. The Yoga Room, Frank Street, St. Morris 5068. Price: $50 (Deposit of $30 required to book)

There is no such thing as been too inflexible for Yoga.

This workshop will get you started!
Learn to relax into poses rather than push.
Learn easier variations to improve flexibility gradually.
Find the “truth of ” each pose without straining.
I will show you how to use the wall, blocks and belts.
Respect your body and work with it!

Build your confidence & Enjoy your practice.
Small group workshop (6) so that I can assist you every step!

Beginners Yoga Poses with easier variations.
Pranayama (yoga breathing)
Savasana (Deep, deep guided realxation)
Reiki energy healing during adjustments (optional)

The only movement range I request is that you have the ability to stand up and sit down on the floor easily (and vice versa).

Payment & Registration: E-mail, txt or phone Eimear to arrange a deposit ($30) or full payment ($50) via bank transfer.

PH: 0435 338 847            E-mail:

These workshops are tailored for the participants. 6 per workshop means more guidance for you. Make sure to fill out registration form in advance (via e-mail). This way Eimear has all the details of what you are looking for and your general health and well-being.

“7 Chakras Yoga & Reiki Energy Healing” Workshop 19th March 2016.

Chakra Yoga Workshop. Yoga & Reiki Adelaide

When/Where/Cost: 11-1pm Saturday 19th March. The Yoga Room, Frank St, St Morris 5068. $35 for 2hrs

A fantastic rejuvenating & healing workshop. Tune into the subtle energy fields of your body for health, wellness, a deeper spiritual understanding & clarity. 

  • Practice specific Yoga poses for all 7 Chakras.
  • A surprising new key to health.
  • Experience the rejuvenating powers of Reiki Energy Healing.
  • Uplift your entire being.
  • Balance the body’s energy centres.

Lift your vibration to a new level!

The workshop includes:

  • Asanas (poses) for each Chakra.
  • Chakra visualisation to energise.
  • Meditation to sharpen the mind.
  • Pranayama (breath work) for a new perspective.
  • Soak up the benefits of poses with long, relaxed holds.
  • Reiki Energy Healing on each Chakra.

Yoga For Strong, Healthy, Pain-Free Backs 20th Feb 2016

Yoga for backs Adelaide, Yoga for back-pain Adelaide

A beautifully relaxing, calming and grounding workshop; giving you the tools to improve your posture, prevent pain and recover a strong healthy back, body & mind! Max 6 = Personal Guidance

When/Where/Cost: 11-1pm Saturday 20th February. The Yoga Room, Frank St, St Morris 5068. $35 for 2hrs

Re-align your spine! Get specific!

  • Effective stretches for the lower & upper back
  • Strengthen your back
  • Pain relief and prevention
  • Improve functional posture
  • Modifications for a safer and more productive Yoga practice.
  • Stretch & “work” related muscle groups (hips and neck)

I will be offering Reiki Energy Healing while making adjustments etc. (This is optional).

The workshop includes:

  • Gentle, strengthening Asanas (Yoga poses)
  • Meditation
  • Visualisation
  • Guided relaxation (Yoga Nidra)
  • Pranayama (Yoga Breathing)
  • Reiki.
  • Subtle body energy work:  music related to the Chakras of the Upper and Lower back. Poses & practices that work on the energy centres of the body.

Yoga for Strong, Healthy Pain-free Backs” is suitable for all levels.

Reviews including Private Yoga Lesson reviews of clients who came to treat back issues.

Booking is essential as there is 6 max per workshop. When the workshops are booked out with a waiting list we may ask you to pay in advance.

Yoga For Sports 16th Jan 2015

Yoga for sports. Yoga Workshops Adelaide

When: 11-1pm Saturday 16th January

Where: The Yoga Room, Frank St, St Morris 5068

Yoga for sports is suitable for everyone who enjoys exercise and sports and would like to continue to do so pain free! A workshop tailored for you. (6 Max per workshop).

  • Injury prevention
  • quicker recovery
  • Better stretches for before and after exercise
  • Improved performance
  • Clarity of mind & focus
  • Max 6 per workshop = personal guidance

Workshop description

2 hours only $35!                                 

Max 6 per workshop

Learn how to effectively protect and care for your body to improve sports performance. Practice effective stretches: what to do and what not do before and after exercise. Protect your body from injury. Improve your physical awareness

These stretches will assist with:

  • The easier way to flexible hamstrings
  • Strong feet as your foundation
  • Stretch your back safely in every pose
  • health, flexible pain-free hips (abductors & adductors)
  • happy knees (alignment when moving)
  • Joint care (work your muscles not your joints)
  • Lower back, hips, knees and feet relationship.
  • Shoulder openers & strengthening stretches

Yoga for Stress & Anxiety Relief

Yoga for stress and anxiety Adelaide. YWE Yoga

Easy supported Yoga poses, breath work (pranayama)& meditation. Deep relaxation (Yoga Nidra) & visualisation for calming the mind. Eimear will include a little bit of Reiki for good measure.

Eimear will be in contact which each participant personally to understand their intentions for taking the workshops and their physical abilities.


19th December 11-12:30am

The Yoga Room, Frank Street, St Morris 5068

Cost: $23/$20*

We already have people booked in so be quick! If booked out we may run another on Sunday, we’ll see.

*Concession with valid ID

Workshop Description:

  • Supported Yoga Asanas.
  • All levels (chairs etc can be used as props)
  • Easy, passive poses with all the health benefits
  • Meditation focusing on breath awareness
  • Visualisation, using colours etc. and Chakras
  • Guided Savasana (Yoga Nidra) allowing the body to sleep and the mind to be alert, relaxed, peaceful and aware
  • Reiki for the space around students and adjustments. (this element is optional)

Workshop Benefits:

  • Find calmness & clarity
  • De-stress physically & emotionally
  • Restore and rejuvenates the body
  • Recognize repetitive unhelpful thought patterns
  • Brings insight
  • Learn techniques to access peace and wellness
  • A joyful relaxing experience

What to bring:

Please bring your own mat. We have some spares but for hygiene purposes it is best to bring your own. There are also no guarantees that the spare mats will be available.

Bring yourself, no matter how you are feeling. You do not need to be in a good mood or have energy to come to your mat. Come as you are! You yourself is all you need to practice Yoga.

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