YWE Yoga Classes Adelaide Eastern Suburbs.

YWE Yoga Classes Adelaide. Healing YogaMedicine for your life!

  • Get much more from every pose.
  • More health benefits, more stretch & strength,
  • Better alignment, more understanding.
  • Gradually and enjoyably improve your practice.
  • Learn resist and release techniques rather than forcing the body.
  • Breath, breath! The breath is medicine!
  • Eimear brings Reiki Energy Healing into her hands (optional) while adjusting students.
  • Adjustments & personal guidance
  • Small group classes, personalised experience.
  • Unbelievable value!

YWE Yoga classes Adelaide are taught by Eimear who has over 15 years of Yoga experience.

YWE Yoga Classes & Levels

  • Beginners Yoga Classes.
  • Improvers Yoga classes.
  • Intermediate Yoga classes.
  • More advanced Yoga classes.

Yoga classes & Class Types

  • Hatha Yoga Classes
  • Smooth Flow Yoga
  • Core Yoga (Core Flow Yoga, suitable for  healthy weight-loss)
  • Healing Yoga

Respect your unique body at YWE Yoga Classes Adelaide

YWE Yoga classes Adelaide Eastern Suburbs.

YWE Yoga Classes: Levels

Yoga Beginners & Complete Beginners: Beginners Yoga classes are suitable for those who are completely new to Yoga or who have less than a year of continual experience. They may also suit those looking for a gentler practice.

Yoga Improvers are those with at the least a year or more of regular classes. Or those with a year of experience and who are physically agile & flexible (No age barrier here!) They are very familiar with the fundamental poses and alignment. They are happy to try new poses and are beginning to understand their own specific requirements in poses. They respect their body and are trying to treat it with loving patience during class!

Intermediate Yoga students are able to take steps in the direction of poses. They understand the next steps for themselves in a pose even if they cannot complete a pose fully. They are happy to take variations to find the “truth of a pose” rather than forcing their bodies. They are beginning to understand the importance of the smaller details such as internal rotations and “working” their feet.

Beyond Intermediate Yoga students. This level of student has made Yoga a part of their life. They have most probably been practicing Yoga for 7 -10 years or more. They are familiar with all of the poses even if they are still working towards certain poses. They have a good understanding of alignment especially in fundamental and Intermediate poses. They know how to protect their body while meeting a challenge. They can perhaps begin to appreciate the place of Pranayama, meditation and the spiritual benefits of Yoga more.

YWE Yoga Classes Adelaide Timetable

YWE Yoga Classes: Location

The Yoga Room, St Morris. Frank Street 5068, Adelaide.

This is Eimear’s home studio and is fully equipped with Yoga blocks, belts, blankets, candles, music system. Complimentary tea is served before class. Available wall space is used as a prop to fine-tune alignment. (As is common in Iyenger inspired practices). We have cosy heating and air conditioning as necessary. Maximum 6 per indoor class allows for more personal guidance and time for you!

The Yoga Garden (Frank Street, St Morris 5068 Adelaide)

A secluded garden for an uplifting outdoor Yoga experience. During the warmer months and as the weather allows (over 23 degrees and under 36).  The garden is fully shaded for morning and afternoon classes. (11am classes are held indoors in the summer.) Music, Belts, blocks and blankets available. There is soft grass lawn for 10 and plenty of birdsong! Complimentary tea before class.

(Please note the Yoga Room & Garden is open for scheduled appointments and class only. Please contact Eimear by phone or e-mail between appointments.)

Please ring to book, 24 hours in advance is preferable. Booking is essential for classes at Frank Street. Ph: 0435 338 847. Thanks for booking into YWE Yoga Classes Adelaide.

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