Alight Yoga studio & Reiki Energy Healing treatments

Private lessons & workshops run from The Yoga Room Frank St, St. Morris 5068.

Larger Yoga classes run from Linde Reserve/Dunstone Grove Stepney.

Linde Reserve

Linde Reserve Stepney is a beautiful landscaped park in Adelaide Eastern Suburbs very close to the CBD. Come in the Nelson street entrance. Classes take place near the bridge between the toilets and water fountain very close to the Nelson street entrance. You can’t miss us!

In the instance of unusual weather classes relocate indoors to Frank St. You can arrive without notice to Linde Reserve but it may be an idea to call ahead to: 0435 338 847 if there is a chance the class will be relocated on that day.

The Yoga Room & Treatment Room.

Alight Reiki & Yoga Adelaide is conveniently located in Adelaide Eastern Suburbs. Alight Yoga studio is just off the Magill Rd. Yoga classes and Reiki Energy healing treatments take place from Frank St in the suburb of St. Morris. (Adelaide 5068). We are located 15 mins from the Adelaide CBD and very close to Norwood. On-street parking is available.

Yoga studio & Yoga Classes Location

The Yoga Room, St Morris. Frank Street 5068, Adelaide.

This is Eimear’s home Yoga studio and is fully equipped with Yoga blocks, belts, bag storage, blankets, candles and a music system. Complimentary tea is served before Yoga classes.  We have cosy heating and air conditioning as necessary. Maximum 6 per indoor class allows for more personal guidance and time for you!

The Yoga Garden (Frank Street, St Morris 5068 Adelaide)

The Yoga garden is situated behind Eimear’s home Yoga Studio. Practice in a quiet, secluded garden for an uplifting outdoor Yoga experience. There is a soft grass lawn and plenty of birdsong! The Yoga room is used during the warmer months and as the weather allows (over 23 degrees and under 36). Music, Belts, blocks and blankets available.  Complimentary tea before class.

(Please note Eimear’s home Yoga studio The Yoga Room & Garden is open for scheduled appointments and Yoga classes only. Please contact Eimear by phone or e-mail between appointments.)

Please bring your own mat to Yoga classes. Thanks! (We have some spares available free of charge in the event that you forget yours. There is no guarantee that they will be available however.)

Mats are provided free of charge for private Yoga lessons, unless you prefer to bring your own.

Reiki Energy Healing Treatments

Reiki Energy healing treatments take place from Eimear’s home Yoga Studio and Reiki Room. This is a tranquil carpeted space with soft lighting overlooking a private garden and green space. Candles are lit and soothing music played during the treatment. The client is made comfortable on a Reiki table with blankets and pillows. The Reiki room is suitably heated/air-conditioned.


  1. Kathleen
    August 21, 2016 @ 5:53 am

    My grandmother has scoliosis and Parkinsons. I watched a video of someone elderly whose spine straightened as a result of doing yoga. Do you think you would be able to help Nanna with her conditions?


    • Eimear
      August 23, 2016 @ 5:29 pm

      Hi Kathleen, I saw that video too. It is great!

      Apologies for the delay. It is best to call 0435 338 847 or send an e-mail to (new e-mail address and website on it’s way but all “old e-mail addresses will still be good!) I do work with somebody with a dowagers hump. They come to me for one-to-ones (private lessons) and they love it. They find that it has made their posture immensely better and feel a lot more comfortable in their bodies and going about daily tasks. I have not taken any pictures of before/after but perhaps they would appreciate that :) Although any practice of Yoga improves well-being and health, I presume you understand that the transformations seen in the video did not occur overnight. I would suggest a one-to-one/private lesson for your Granny. A general class can also be beneficial for Scoliosis (although I do not run classes specifically for seniors at the moment). I do have a gentle/Improvers class on Wednesday evenings and there is a lady in her 70s there (but she has been physically active all her life and taken Yoga previously). So my advice would be One-to-One (please e-mail or call) or find a good seniors Yoga class in your area,



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