My simple happiness strategies.  (besides Yoga)

Happiness tips. Horses. Nature's beauty

Be grateful

Gratitude helps with trusting life. Even, or especially in challenging times.  Unravel the layers of complacency. We cannot recover yesterday or one moment ago. Even if your loved ones stay by your side throughout life -they will change, grow old and eventually die. We only have this moment. Allow your heart to overflow with love and presence. We are here now, that is all.

Know you are small.

Go where nature is profound and mighty: A wild sea, a canyon, a waterfall, the peak of a hill. Allow yourself to become invisible. All your worries, ambitions or so-called achievements –let  them go. These concepts are tiny. You are nothing! Yet you have been “chosen” to  live. Connect with what is beyond yourself.

Be vulnerable.

Vulnerability is a strength. Joy is unplanned, there is no prelude; it darts in like a bird. Be open enough to be there for it.

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