Reiki healing Adelaide. Who is Reiki for?

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Everyone should try YWE Reiki healing Adelaide at least once! It is absolutely super for stress-relief and as a relaxation therapy. YWE Reiki healing Adelaide can also get to the roots of more “serious” issues, offering clarity and perspective. YWE Reiki healing Adelaide can be used to treat physical, spiritual and practical concerns.

YWE Reiki Healing Adelaide. Applications. 

Clients have found Reiki highly effective treating:

  • anxiety
  • stress
  • insomnia.
  • during chemotherapy & cancer treatment.
  • back-pain.
  • injuries that have resisted treatment.
  • financial worries and burdens (everything starts inside ourselves).
  • heart-break & obsessive thoughts.
  • feeling stuck.
  • depression.
  • depleted energy
  • repetitious patterns & behaviour.
  • self-care.
  • self-love.
  • decision making.
  • taking full responsibility for their life.

Reiki is for everyone. You do not need to be unwell or stressed to try Reiki. Treatments are usually deeply relaxing. It can simply be a relaxing treat similar to a massage. (although Reiki is not massage). Scheduled “me time”can sort so many problems. I wish I had discovered the clarifying, anxiety and stress-reducing effects of Reiki sooner!

Obviously many of my clients have come to me looking for Reiki to treat back-pain, hip problems, emotional challenges, insomnia, conditions resulting in low energy and motivation, or while getting Chemo.

I give myself Reiki treatments for everything! Stress reduction, planning, staying safe traveling, making decisions, getting things done, being happy! The list goes on!

 Benefits of YWE Reiki Adelaide

  • Calms the spirit.
  • soothes grief.
  • relieves stress & worry.
  • can bring about recovery from injuries, illness’ and health conditions.
  • promotes physical well-being & health
  • supports the immune system.
  • can be useful during cancer treatments
  • assists with resolving practical dilemmas.