Private Yoga lessons

All private yoga lessons/Yoga 1-2-1s run from Alight Reiki & Yoga in West Croydon

Private Yoga lessons are by appointment.

100% customized for your unique body & being! Can include Yoga for health, recovery and wellness. The choice is yours! Get specific with your practice. 

  • All levels, ages and abilities
  • Treat the “roots” of a condition or illness.
  • Adjust your Yoga practice to accommodate injuries or illness.
  • Private Yoga need not be physically challenging.
  • Incorporating Restorative Yoga techniques where necessary,
  • Breathing exercises (Pranayama) and meditation.
  • Can include the Chakra system to approach the challenge on different levels.
  • Modify poses with props such as Yoga blocks, chairs, straps and pillows.
  • Eimear is also a Certified Reiki practitioner.

“Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured.”

B.K.S Iyenger

Yoga 1-2-1s & Private Yoga Applications

Yoga can be used for most circumstances imaginable. Here are some common applications.

  • Yoga for back pain
  • Yoga for lower-back pain & core strength
  • Yoga for upper-back pain
  • Yoga for Scoliosis
  • Yoga for M.S
  • Yoga for Adrenaline Fatigue
  • Yoga for hip pain
  • Yoga for joint pain
  • Yoga for sciatica
  • Yoga for endometriosis
  • Yoga for knee pain
  • Yoga for neck problems
  • Yoga for migraines
  • Yoga for hormonal issues
  • Yoga for age-related immobility
  • Yoga for obesity
  • Yoga for anorexia
  • Yoga for boosting the immune system & stress management during medical treatments
  • Yoga for long-term illness’
  • Yoga for exercise related injuries
  • Yoga for muscular-skeletal tension
  • Yoga for work-related postural problems & pain

Healing Yoga & Private Yoga for the Emotions

  • Yoga for depression
  • Yoga for anxiety
  • Yoga for grief
  • Yoga for insomnia
  • Yoga for stress-relief


Yoga 1-2-1s & Private Yoga with Eimear

  •  Yoga Asanas (poses) with clearly defined health benefits.
  • Specific Pranayama (breathing) exercises, meditation and Mudras.
  • A practice is followed by Yoga Nidra with a suitable guided relaxation for the client.
  • Each session is designed with the individuals requirements in mind, even the choice of music.
  • Every pose, Pranayama or Mudra serves a unique purpose.
  • Each Asana is modified to strengthen and bring back health to the client.
  • Yoga practices can be designed to accommodate injuries and even long-term illness.
  • Private Yoga lessons need not be overly physical or physical at all!

* Eimear has designed sessions for clients with crush fractures, vertebrae degeneration etc. In all of these instances clients have been extremely happy with the results.


Carolyn came to Healing Yoga One-to-Ones to treat a crush fracture, tightness in the hips and adductors, particularly on one side. After 4 sessions she was feeling much better. She later joined the Beginners Yoga classes using modifications learnt in her Private Yoga  sessions. After 2 Beginners Yoga courses with Eimear her physio told her she no longer had a crush fracture. She suggested that with her teacher’s guidance it would be safe to bring more flexion into the spine and follow the standard sequence in class.

“I really value Eimear’s one-to-one and group yoga classes. My physical and emotional health have greatly improved; my back (and overall body) feels much stronger and her beautiful approach always leave me feeling calm and refreshed. Eimear’s clear knowledge and lovely demeanor make her a very special instructor and I can’t recommend her more highly…”


Toni came to me to treat Endomyosis, vertebra degeneration and work related stress and busy-ness. As well as physical practice with suitably modified Asanas (poses) to bring back health, we made the breath a large focus. With meditation and engagement with the breath during practice we managed to calm and relax the body and mind. Visualisation and Yoga Nidra were very effective for Toni.

“I started seeing Eimear for 1: 1 yoga just over a month ago due to pelvic pain from Endomyosis. The pain was so debilitating that I was considering a Hysterectomy. After 4 sessions I am almost pain free. Very happy with Eimear’s instructions and I also enjoy the relaxation aspect of the yoga”

Toni S.

Rachel was suffering from Adrenaline fatigue. I advised restorative Yoga practices (while making adjustments to avoid neck pain, which had been an issue for her). We practiced “passive” poses using blankets and props for the body. These poses delivered the full health benefits of physical poses without strain on the body.

“Eimear is a wonderful, very insightful, and competent yoga instructor. She is very careful to make sure you are performing the postures correctly and are comfortable. She is kind, caring, and very generous with her time.  I highly recommend her!”

Rachel D.

Liz was one of my first Private Yoga students in Adelaide. In her 60s she had not practiced Yoga for some years. She had a good deal of previous Yoga experience. She was looking for a gentle practice with modifications to care for and bring her hip back to strength. The meditative benefits of the practice were extremely important for her. She greatly enjoyed the outdoor sessions reconnecting with nature.

“Eimear is a wonderful instructor. She is an inspiring practitioner and a supportive teacher. She has unlimited patience and happily repeats instruction time and time again! She clearly embraces the philosophy of yoga and incorporates this into all poses. I would and have recommended her to anyone, at any level.”

Liz G