Yoga Classes with Eimear

At the moment there are no group classes scheduled.

Yoga with Eimear

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Beginners & Improvers Yoga

  • Moderate Flow with Core Strength SuperPowers techniques
  • Get much more from every pose.
  • More health benefits, more stretch & strength,
  • Better alignment, more understanding.
  • Gradually and enjoyably improve your practice.
  • Learn resist and release techniques rather than forcing the body.
  • Breath, breath! The breath is medicine
  • Adjustments & personal guidance
  • Yoga classes Adelaide are taught by Eimear who has over 16 years of Yoga experience

Level 2 & Up

A deeply connected dynamic practice. Enjoy a soulful Yoga work-out and spiritual work-in!

  • Reap the benefits of a powerful Yoga style inner body workout
  • Fire up your deep core muscle line (hugging in around the root chakra, low belly & back, energetically lifting muscles up behind belly button!)
  • Build heat & dedication by working from your core in every pose
  • Engage & work pelvic diaphragm, psoas & quadratus lumborum
  • Move from your deep core muscles in every pose & transition
  • Strengthen, strengthen, strengthen & stretch your body!
  • Excellent for injury prevention, joints, hips, back & shoulder girdle!
  • Resist & release techniques to soften into poses. Go deeper in a way the body loves!
  • Building real strength with controlled movement. This is a safer way for the body to stretch as it is supported throughout the practice.